How we create social walls


Capture social feeds from #, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, RSS, Twitter, Youtube, …

Store, moderate, enrich, curate, stream

Republish on social wall or get JSON/XML feeds, on any screen to inspire, engage, highlight, improve trafic & conversion

Make social wall with #, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, RSS, Twitter, Youtube…

Create your social wall! Dialogfeed is a unique platform bringing the power of social media on the Website & other channels. It enables the retrieval, storage, and republishing of social content streams on the Web, apps or any screen, as well as engagement.

Dialogfeed enables you to master your social content, combine it with own and user generated content, and smartly republish conversation feeds across your websites, TV, other screens… while keeping control to make sure the right content gets to the right person at the right time.


Social TV made a reality !

Whether you are a television program, entertainment website, ecommerce, retail or consumer goods website, or online publisher … if your website is an important part of your business, you need to make it social. That’s where we come in.


Real-time !
curated social feed & chat

Engagement is crucial on social media, websites, and apps. Increase yours in real-time with our customized social feeds providing curated AND automatically streamed content.


Increase fans
through social map & hub

Are you managing several media accounts? Allow your customers to quickly and efficiently subscribe to all your social channels by providing a social media map and smart feed of your content on your website.

Examples of social wall

A social wall for your site


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