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Digital walls for website & event

dialogfeed digital walls JSON XML feed

Aggregate social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube), hashtags & RSS (brand content, bloggers..)

Store, moderate, enrich and automatically republish 

Display your social media feed on a wall for all screens (web, TV, mobile) or in XML JSON feed to inspire, engage or improve trafic and conversion

Get your widget with #, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, RSS, Twitter, Youtube social feed…

You need a Facebook or Twitter wall, you want to do hashtag wall ? Dialogfeed is a platform and social media feed aggregator for website & other channels. It enables the retrieval, storage, and republishing of social media feeds on Web or any screen. Get also a JSONP, XML or JSON feed for social aggregation for custom design implementation.

Dialogfeed enables you to aggregate your Facebook or Twitter content with user generated content like hashtags, and smartly republish the social feed on a beautiful widget across your websites, TV or other screens… while keeping control to make sure right content gets to the right person at the right time.


For events or conference

Tradeshow, conference, party… display a live hashtag wall on screen at your event ! Show what customers & visitors are posting on social networks, highlight their photos with a Twitter and Instagram hashtag wall.


For website

Aggregate & display your Facebook, Twitter or other social channels in a social hub. Embed it on homepage or news page to keep your visitors onsite & show them your latest news in an auto-refreshed widget: a social wall.


For custom development (API,JSON, XML)

You need JSON or XML social media feed to create your custom design widget ?  We deliver you XML, JSONP or JSON feeds aggregating your social media feeds. Build your own design ! Features: live update, API requests…

Over 1 500 customers in the world

Dialogfeed at a 2014 crowdfunding event